4 thoughts on “Games we will focus on

  1. Whoops! Good eye! Completely left out by mistake. Also, the list of game interests as shrunk…B&B will be an OSR-focused blog.

  2. Yeah, I meant to include it. And since launching the project, I’m taking off things like Alternity and non-OSR, non-weird fantasy influences.

    At this stage, I think we have an idea of generating LL/S&W styled entries, simpler the better, in terms of stat blocks and such. And we had the idea of doing the joint campaign setting as a backdrop that unified content created for the blog, so an original setting will emerge that will be featured on the blog. The setting will have a hyoerborean-type feel to it, though it isn’t strictly based on or built for AS&SH; that’s just the easiest way to describe what we’re looking for, I think, as a point of reference.

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